Legal Secretary

Vocational Training Program

The Legal Secretary Vocational Training Program at Community Business College is designed to bring students to the entry-level position of legal secretary. The training is centered around a typical partnership, LLP-type law office. Students learn the typical activities a legal professional performs in the daily activities of a professional law office.

Students study such topics as: legal terminology; legal process; jurisdiction and venue; ethics; written communications including letters, pleadings, discovery, notices and motions; filing procedures, billing and accounting; time management; records management; commonly used word and data processing programs; legal research; memoranda preparation, and citation format.

Job Placement

Job Placement for Legal Secretary Program. Job placement assistance is provided at completion of the training program.

Now is an excellent time to train for legal secretary skills, even in a difficult hiring environment.

The rising demand for legal services will continue to create the need for Legal Secretaries. Offsetting that growth is the influence of technology, which allows Legal Secretaries to be more productive and other office staff to perform more of their own clerical work.

*Source: California Occupational Guides
California Employment Development Department-LMID Projections of Employment by Occupation

Legal Secretary Course Outline

LEGAL OFFICE PROCEDURES This module presents the complete litigation process and includes preparation and execution of discovery, motions, and on through the completion of trial. Students learn the procedures associated with initial pleadings.

LEGAL TERMINOLOGY The Legal Terminology course assists the student in developing a vocabulary for the law office including language commonly found in the legal system.

MANAGING A LEGAL OFFICE THROUGH SOFTWARE Students train in the most widely accepted set of law office computer applications for document creation, communication and legal business information analysis. The office software used in this module has become key requirements for staff in today's law office environment.

OFFICE SKILLS IN A LEGAL SETTING In the office skills module, students learn calendaring and managing multiple attorneys’ schedules.

CUSTOMER SERVICE Students gain an understanding of the skills, attitudes, and thinking patterns needed to win customer satisfaction and loyalty. The process includes developing: 1) a heightened awareness of the challenges and opportunities, 2) the tools for dealing with unhappy customers by using the power of customer expectations and by creating loyalty, 3) the ability to lead, expand, and empower the service process, 4) specific skills for professions success, and 5) a clear understanding of the future directions of customer service for which employers are looking.

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