Property Management Description

This intensive vocational training program focuses on management of commercial and residential real estate. Residential real estate includes apartment complexes, multiple housing units and, increasingly, storage unit complexes.

Students receive hands-on training that takes them through the necessary stages to perform fundamental, entry-level, property management functions.

These concepts taught in this 12-week program include:

  • The rudiments of Property Management, and how it applies to all real estate professionals
  • The benefits Property Management principles bring to consumers and employers
  • Key elements of leases and contracts
  • Issues in residential and commercial property management
  • Creating and managing an office full of documents, many of which are done exclusively electronically

Community Business College maintains affiliations with state organizations such as the California Apartment Association and the California Department of Real Estate provide additional opportunities at the local level.

If you are interested in getting into the real estate industry in California, Property Management is a good place to start. California law requires managers of large complexes to hold a California Real Estate license. The Property Management program not only satisfies some of the Department of Real Estate licensure requirements but also allows students to be prepared in both fields and offers a wide range of employment possibilities.

Students enjoy small class size, broadband access to the Internet, a computer lab, and a multimedia reference library.

Different course module options are available to suit both time and budget of the student.

Job placement assistance is provided to all graduates. The job placement department encourages past graduates to stay in contact with the school throughout their career for and career advancement assistance and for additional job placement assistance if it becomes necessary.

Please contact Community Business College for further information or an enrollment application.

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